Dentist In Bakersfield, CA Specializes In Cosmetic And Emergency Dentistry

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If you visit a dentist in Bakersfield, CA on a regular basis, you are making a wise decision. The best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy is by preventive care. Periodic exams will detect any problems that may be developing, and routine cleanings performed by a professional will eliminate plaque and tartar from your teeth that your daily brushing may not always sufficiently remove.

When problems do arise, you know that you can trust our experienced dentist in Bakersfield, CA to give you prompt attention and treat your situation with expert care. You may decide that you would like to have your teeth cosmetically enhanced. An evaluation in the office can determine what procedures will give you the smile you would enjoy having. If your teeth are in good condition, you may just need a whitening treatment. But for teeth that are flawed in any way, porcelain veneers can give them an entirely new appearance.

Any damaged teeth will need to be repaired. An infected tooth will benefit from a root canal procedure where the pulp chamber of the tooth as well as the root canal itself will be cleared of infection. Our dentist will place a porcelain crown on your tooth once the treatment has been completed.

Periodontic disease will respond to a scaling and root planing procedure if the infection has not reached the bone. If the bone is involved, then our dentist will use oral surgical techniques, such as a pocket reduction, to effectively clear up the infection.

Cosmetic repairs can be made to the gumline if it has been damaged in any way.

Missing teeth are not a dental issue that should be neglected. One missing tooth will be easily replaced with a dental implant that is firmly anchored in the gum. When more than one tooth is missing, our a dentist will replace multiple missing teeth with a partial fixed bridge.

Your dental emergencies can also be quickly and expertly handled with a visit to the office. Accidents happen, such as a car collision, and if trauma to your mouth occurs, injury to the teeth may result. If you have an accident or experience any type of trauma to your teeth, you will need emergency treatment. Car accidents are not the only type of situation that can create a dental emergency. You may crack a tooth or lose a filling while you are eating. Or one of your children could have a tooth knocked out while playing football. Whatever type of dental emergency occurs, our dentist in Bakersfield, CA has the experience and skills to help you get back to normal.

A call to the office will get you an appointment as quickly as possible. Your dental situation will be evaluated for the proper method of treatment. When an accident occurs and something happens to your teeth, do not panic. Just contact our emergency dentist and you will soon receive the treatments you need to have healthy teeth again.

A loose or missing filling can be replaced with white fillings. This composite material blends with tooth enamel and will create an appealing appearance to the tooth as it will not show. Chips and broken teeth are often repaired with dental bonding which will effectively build up broken and missing portions of teeth and restore the teeth to their original appearance. If a tooth has been knocked out, sometimes it can be saved if you still have possession of it. Our dentist can also replace the tooth if it has been completely lost. If an accident has caused the loss of several teeth, a partial fixed bridge will replace them and also look just as natural as the missing teeth.

Our emergency dentist has been handling every type of dental emergency for years and knows just what to do when a sudden situation arises that needs immediate attention. You can feel confident that your emergency will be addressed promptly and with the best of care. Do not let a sudden incident cause you to panic, as our emergency dentist is here to handle the situation. He is ready to help you in any dental emergency, no matter when it happens, and is capable of treating all the damage that was inflicted on the teeth and gums. Our dentists are here for all of your dental needs.

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