Laser Dentistry: Healthy Teeth For Life!

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March 11, 2017
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November 16, 2017
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When you add together the twice-a-year visit that you pay your dentist to check on your oral health, plus the other visits for dental fillings, teeth whitening and other specialized dental procedures – one wonders if there is a way to minimize the number of times that they would have to sit in the dental chair. By choosing laser technology over the conventional techniques used in dental procedures, the number of visits that you need to pay your dentist will be significantly lessened.

First, here are the benefits that both the dentist and the patient will get to enjoy by using laser dentistry. Almost 90% of the dental procedures which utilize laser technology does not require injections. Do you avoid visits to the dentist because the anxiety and fear caused by drills and needles? Fear no more! We invite you to experience a quick, convenient and painless dental appointment. This breakthrough technology eliminates the hours of numbness that typically follow a trip to the dentist and allow dozens of procedures to be pain-free. You’ll never drag your kids kicking and screaming to the dentist ever again! For those who have this fear or anxiety over sitting in a dental chair, laser dentistry is the most ideal solution.

Laser dentistry is not overly expensive, the price range is the same as the cost of a conventional dental procedure. For oral surgeries which utilize laser technology, the nature of the procedure is minimally invasive. As a result, patients have a speedier recovery time, and there is virtually no pain and swelling during the procedure.

Second, here are the types of dental procedures wherein laser technology is applied. A simple tooth whitening procedure can be performed using laser technology. If you need dental fillings, laser light will be used to harden the material used for the filling. Those who have a ‘gummy’ smile can also use laser dentistry to recontour the gums and improve the aesthetic quality of their smile. If you have sensitive teeth, laser technology can be used to seal the tubules so that you will not be sensitive to hot and cold food anymore. Just recently, laser dentistry has been improved to cover the treatment of benign tumors and can be used for crown lengthening, muscle attachment, and nerve regeneration. Although not all dental procedures can use laser technology, its numerous benefits make laser dentistry the preferred type of treatment for both the dentists and the patients.

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