Dentist In Columbia, SC Will Help You Get A Hollywood Smile

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A beautiful and healthy smile can be yours with the maintenance by our highly qualified dentist in Columbia, SC and proper dental care at home. Routine visits once or twice a year are a sensible way to stay on top of dental problems that may arise. And professional cleanings will help to keep your teeth free of plaque that can cause problems when not properly removed.

Here in America, you will find many Hollywood smiles, but they are not all on celebrity faces. You can also have a beautiful smile with sparkling white teeth. Cosmetic treatments are one way to create a perfect smile that will enhance your appearance and give you a reason to feel proud. Whiter teeth are possible with a tooth whitening procedure that is more effective than anything you can purchase in a store.

A healthy and vibrant smile leads to improved confidence and happiness in countless daily encounters. Whether it is on an interview for a new job or greeting an old friend, a bright smile helps to define the person that wears it. On the other hand, those that are unsure of their smile or oral health may tend to shy away from social engagements or bear unnecessary doubt. This is why our dentist in Columbia, SC is now offering comprehensive treatments for teeth, jaws, gums, and all other components of the mouth.

Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic treatment that can camouflage imperfections. If you have a wide space between any of your teeth, a chipped or worn tooth, or one shaped differently from the rest, veneers can hide these flaws and create a stunning smile.

Our dentist, with the use of braces, can correct crooked teeth. Children usually wear the traditional metal brackets, and now adults can use the Invisalign method and straighten misaligned teeth invisibly. No matter what age you may be, you do not have to endure crooked teeth.

Our staff realizes just how important a smile is to their patients. More importantly, many patients do not know how important their gums and the bone that teeth anchor themselves to are to a perfect smile. Periodontal treatment comes down to keeping those neglected parts of the mouth as healthy as the teeth themselves. Problems with the gums and bones surrounding teeth can lead to a long line of health issues throughout one’s life. These can range from minor cases of gingivitis to pervasive periodontal diseases. If gum disease strikes, you will want to strike back with periodontal treatments that our dentist can competently perform. Scaling, root planing and oral surgery are all procedures that can handle gum disease in its various stages, from beginning to advanced.

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but accidents and injuries can occur that will result in the loss of one or more teeth. Restorative dentistry can work magic in replacing missing teeth, whether it is a dental implant for one lost tooth or a partial bridge for multiple teeth that have been lost.

Our dentist in Columbia, SC has been working relentlessly to get his patients’ oral health back where it should be. For many, this means regular check-ups that will vastly decrease a patient’s chance of acquiring some of these more severe diseases. For other patients, this means fixing some serious issues that may require complete restorative dentistry procedures such as bridges and dental implants.

Most people go through their childhood hearing the importance of brushing and flossing. What few hear is the importance of keeping their gums and other oral tissues safe and healthy. This is why our staff offers comprehensive care to all their patients, and our experienced dentist will help you to have that Hollywood smile.

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