Dentist In Knoxville, TN Discusses Invisalign Treatment Benefits

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A dentist In Knoxville, TN discusses different types of orthodontic treatments for people who are suffering from uneven and crooked teeth, and talks about an alternative to those metal brackets and wires – the invisible braces!

Thanks to new innovations in cosmetic dentistry, there is a clear answer for straight teeth called Invisalign dental treatment. It used to be that the only way to get straight teeth was from the use of metal brackets, wires, and colorful bands but since technology has improved straight teeth can be accomplished by a removable plastic aligner. Invisalign teeth straightening method has been proven to show a faster result than the traditional metal braces without everyone knowing you’re wearing braces. The clear aligners are virtually undetectable. This can be very beneficial for adolescents who are very self-conscious about their appearance and can be the subject of ridicule.

Special training is needed to offer Invisalign braces. This is because an impression is made of one’s teeth along with digital pictures and the dentist needs to input, understand, and direct the treatment plan. Our dentist In Knoxville, TN had to go through special education and training to give their patients an improved confidence about the Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign braces are clear aligners that are specifically designed for each patient. These aligners are computer designed by how the teeth are straightened over each period of time. At your first appointment, your dentist In Knoxville, TN will discuss the length of time that will be required to have a completed result. The dentist would take an impression of your teeth and x-rays and send this information to a special high-tech computer program which in turn designs a complete set of clear aligners for the time it will take to produce a straight result.

The aligners are worn for a few weeks (usually for two weeks) at a time and then exchanged for the next step one until teeth are aligned. In most cases, this takes about a year, unlike the two or three years that is customary for metal braces.

The aligners can be taken out while a patient eats, giving them a better cleaning solution for their teeth before they’re put back in. This means that you can eat anything you want without having to worry about food getting caught in brackets, being unable to chew certain foods because they get stuck or not being able to clean your teeth properly. Although these braces can be easily removed, your dentist will tell you that you will need to wear the clear braces about 20 hours a day to acquire the best on time result. Keep in mind, that many individuals are enjoying nicer, straighter smiles in a shorter time with Invisalign than they would with their metal counterparts.

There doesn’t seem to be a better answer for producing straight teeth than Invisalign. Just imagine no more jokes from others because you are wearing bulky metal braces, they practically go unnoticed by others. These removable clear devices are the perfect solution for those who want to have straight teeth without the fuss of trying to clean their teeth behind wires and brackets.

Remember, that only a trained dentist can provide these clear braces for patients. He can examine and thoroughly discuss your treatment options for an improved self-confidence and smile. If you want to see if the clear Invisalign braces are right for you, make an appointment with an Invisalign specialist for an evaluation. Improving your smile with straight teeth can open the doorway for a better feeling about yourself and about life.

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